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AU of SW and it's EU.


Qui-Gon Has Three Padawans So There
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DISCLAIMER: Star Wars and all assorted copyrighted characters are property of George Lucas and Lucas Arts and other Lucas-y things. We mean no harm; we just want to have fun. =]

Besides, if you belong to this fandom and you have zilch idea as to who Lucas is, you really deserve to be sporked.


This is an AU (for the uninitiated, that's Alternate Universe) fic/RPG/crack-fest for a group of insane people. Mostly we know each other, mainly because we're all in the same class, and even if we don't we have another year to. So basically this is about Star Wars and it's related characters and even the Extended Universe, and we're here because we're all slashers and want to see Xanatos get some more.

In other words, we were having another one of our inane lunchtime discussions and this spawned.

Have fun RPG-ing and writing, everyone! (:


Hello Denizens! If you want to join this crack-fest, please muchly post your requested character in the first post!

The current (RPGing) characters (insofar as I know...):

Qui-Gon Jinn (0.5) - master_of_three
Qui-Gon Jinn (0.5) - renovak
Yoda - mastertreestump
Mace Windu - Xin
Dooku - serenno
Ki-Adi Mundi - FREE
Palpatine - FREE
Sifo-Dyas - FREE

Boba Fett - Sara
Jango Fett - Sara
Xanatos - olderissexy
Obi-Wan Kenobi - icarusx
Anakin Skywalker - prosthetic_arm
Han Solo - imwithscruffy
Luke Skywalker - skywalkerbrat
Leia Organa - Sara
Mara Jade - FREE
Aayla Secura - bluelekku
Bail Organa - htenywg
Quinlan Vos (0.5) - xue_lee
Quinlan Vos (0.5) - htenywg
Khaleen - FREE
Tahl - FREE
Siri Tachi - FREE
Luminara Unduli - FREE
Barriss Offee - FREE

Padmé Naberrie- Xin
Sabé - icarusx
Dormé - senator_aide
Rabé - the_hairmaiden
Saché - FREE
Yané - FREE
Eirtaé - FREE
Cordé - FREE
Moteé - FREE
Versé - FREE
Ellé - FREE

Characters/people to be added on when, um, whenever.

Oh yes. Please. If you pick Character A and Character A is in a (sexual) relationship with Character B, REFRAIN from taking Character B as well. It poses extreme mental trauma, and we don't want to see people talking to themselves all the time. It's unnerving.