Consolidation #1

Title: Consolidation #1/Main Body

Ani: 9
Obi: 15
Bant: 15
Xani: 19
Aayla: ? (I'm not sure, but not much older than Xani, I think)
Qui: 37
Quin: 37
Dooku: 66

(I know Obi's a bit old, but if Ani got picked up at 9 that's how it's going to have to be...)

Characters: Mostly Obi, Ani, Xani, Qui. Mentions of Quin, Aayla, Bant, etc.


A/N: gNattish is right: this RPG is going a little crazy. There's basically one major running thread at the moment (unfortunately, we can't exactly DO real threads as forum-based RPGers can), which is the Qui!rage thread, so I'm stitching it all together first to try and get some coherency in. People who own the individual posts, feel free to edit the posts, too (email might be good).

Temporary, but if you want to continue this PLOTLINE:

- ANNOTATE your TITLE with the PREFIX "CONSOLIDATION #1" (we'll think of something better than that later...) please! That way we can keep track of threads without resorting to, um, writing in the comments.

Eg: Title: Consolidation 1/I Have Really Cool Titles

- When REPLYING/COMMENTING in a post with A CERTAIN CONSOLIDATION, please comment in that consolidation's TIMELINE. This way, we can have DIFFERENT THREADS going WITHOUT killing the timeline. Okay?

- IF your timeline is AHEAD, PLEASE cater to developments in PAST TIMELINES. I.e, if someone DIES in a past timeline, do NOT comment as that character/refer to that character in comments in a MORE PRESENT consolidation.


Everyone in agreement? Comment OOC to add on stuff. Anyone want to start the OOC community? There's that, or individual characters OOC-ing in their own journals?

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Our Master Is An Asshole

Character: Xani-oriented 3rd person P.O.V (Say that very fast, many times)
Timeline: Pre-Padme, Post-Ani (Followup on "Kitchen Duty")
Warnings: Pissed!Mature!Xanatos, Quivering!Lip!Obi, Stick!Up!The!Ass!Ani and Damn!I!Suck!Qui. On a serious note: a serious fight.

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